Safe. Fast. Affordable.

Why Choose Us?
No Surprises
There are a lot of bad lenders in the world who feel that they need to hide their prices in opaque language designed to confuse and mislead. Frankly, we don't understand how they keep their customers coming back. We promise that there are no surprises.

We Approve Bad Credit
We will approve bad credit applications on a regular basis because credit is designed for measuring how likely people will pay back large sums of money over large periods of time. They're just not applicable to our business model.

Simple Cancellation
We make it easy to cancel. Any time inside 2 days and we'll just forget the loan even happened. We don't want our customers to worry about whether they should or shouldn't apply just because they might have other options opening up. We say, go ahead and explore those options after you have cash in hand.
What To Do
Fill In Our Form
If you want to get a loan with us, or you just want to see how it all works for some reason, you'll have to fill in our form. The only thing that you might not have memorized is your banking information, SSN and driver's license number.

Verify Bank Information
In order to make sure things work smoothly we need to verify your banking information and your pay schedule. In most cases this won't take more than about five minutes of your time so it's not going to be a problem.

We Deliver The Money
As long as you gave us the right account information and our verification procedure didn't go wrong, you're going to see those funds arrive in the next business day or maybe even just an hour or so.

Need Assistance?
Things not going smoothly? Everyone has days like that, but if that's what's happening to you then just ask us at
Payday Loan Usage
Know Your Borrowing Limit
When you decide how much to borrow, ask yourself what will be left over once it's paid. If you borrow $200 you'll have to pay back $230. What's your paycheck? Will you be able to buy groceries after paying back that loan without getting another loan?

Short Term Issues
Are you dealing with a short term issue? Or will this issue be back again next paycheck? It's not a great plan to expect to be paying more interest, so keep that at the top of your list of concerns.

Critical Problems
If it's not a critical problem, then pretty much by definition it doesn't need to be dealt with right now. If that's the case, go ahead and put it off. It's better than paying interest.

We Lend Across Nevada
Major Cities
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